Join us in Bombay Beach on the Salton Sea for a literary festival complete with writers, filmmakers, musicians, activists, editors, and more!




Whole Human Workshop: Breathwork for Creativity
Wonder and awe are what make our lives worth living. And you can experience those things anywhere, at any time with these simple and FREE activities. Whole Human incorporates intentional writing, movement and active breathwork meditation to fire you up mentally, physically and emotionally. From feeling stuck on a sentence to just stuck in a rut, this workshop is designed to make you feel some kind of way.
This class is for all skill levels and physical abilities. The only contraindications are folx suffering from seizures and COPD.

Zine Creation and Culture
A brief history of zines with ioannis, readings from both ioannis and matt, followed by Q&A.

The Truth About Writing For Hollywood
A candid discussion about the business from the perspective of a screenwriter

Bombay Beach - Kelp Journal Noir Fest
A half dozen readers from our latest, and future, crime/noir anthology collections.

Documentary screening: The Great 14th - Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, in HIs Own Words
A screening of the documentary, shot over ten years , featuring the current Dalai Lama talking about his own life against a backdrop of some never-before-seen footage of his life taken from his personal collection. Followed by a brief question and answer session.