Do I have to pay to attend the festival?

No tickets, no entrance fee, the Bombay Beach Lit Fest is entirely free!

Where can I park?

Park in parking spaces. Park on the beach at Avenue B—do NOT park in front of people’s homes. The American Legion Hall also has a parking lot. Events are all within a several block radius, and the best way to get around is by walking. Once you park you will probably not need your car again until departing.

What should I bring?

  • Water, sunscreen, and a good hat!
  • A folding chair if you want to guarantee a seat at daytime events. We have seating at Lit Fest events but cannot guarantee when it may be filled.
  • And a yoga mat if you plan to attend the Whole Human Workshop on Sunday.
  • A phone charger!

Do I have to bring my own food and beverages?

Not unless you have an extremely special diet. Bombay Beach has two bar/restaurants in town—and one (The American Legion Hall) is the site of all our headliner events and live music. They will be featuring a Lit Fest menu and drink specials each evening. The other is the well-known Ski-Inn visible when you drive into town. There will also be a pop-up Bombay Beach Bistro happening during the festival. Follow @bbbbistro on Instagram for more information! There is also a convenience store in town, though it is quite small. And Lit Fest will have water at our welcome table to fill your bottles for as long as it lasts, daily!

Will there be books for sale?

In keeping with the DIY aesthetic of the famous Bombay Beach Biennale, a season of artistic celebration every January-March, Lit Fest has no official “bookseller.” But most writers participating will be happy to sell you their books one-on-one and may display them at events, and there will be a volunteer-staffed table at the American Legion Hall selling books by the Lit Fest headliners. We absolutely encourage you to support our writers, many of whom have traveled quite a way to play with you this weekend.

What is sunset break?

Wait, what is this “sunset break?” Where am I supposed to go? Is everything in town closed for the sunset? I’m confused!

Sunset break honors the many installation openings and ceremonies happening on the beach “around sunset,” which is approximately at 7pm nightly (check Google for exact times!)…but no, nothing is closed, no bars will kick you out, drinks and food are still being served, and you are welcome to stay in town and not wander the beach. That being said, the sunsets in Bombay Beach can be pretty spectacular, so even if you watch it from the parking lot of the Legion Hall or Ski Inn, we recommend checking it out!

Any other tips?

Gas up before you come in. There are no gas stations in Bombay Beach!